Our team incorporates individuals with extensive experience across all fields of the tourism industry but, are also handpicked for their ability to train and uplift the members of staff working with them, to ensure sustainability and growth of the establishments that they manage. This ensures progressive growth as well as a sense of pride and ownership among the staff which leads to better service and control over the various departments.


Peter Van Huffel | Operations

A customer-focused and results-driven hospitality professional with experience in excess of 33 years. He has a practical and logical approach to business management and is accustomed to coordinating resources effectively to achieve targets within stringent deadlines. He is highly energetic and dynamic, relishes challenges and demonstrates in-depth analytical and strategic ability to facilitate operational and procedural planning. Delighting customers through the delivery of service excellence is his primary priority.

Dudley Venner | Sales and marketing

A well rounded tourism practitioner with in depth knowledge of all aspects of the tourism industry. Having started as a guide in the tourism industry in 1995 and working his way up through all aspects of the industry from tour operating to managing lodges, game reserves and hotels Dudley has developed and in depth knowledge of the inner workings of the industry. This has allowed him to quickly identify unique selling points and use these in the most effective ways when selling and marketing tourism companies.

Marc Ward | Business development

Marc grew up in the Kingdom of Swaziland/Eswatini going to boarding school in Kwa Zulu. A second-generation hotelier having grown up in the family business which was hotels. Many an hour was spent helping his father with different infrastructural challenges. After school Marc went off to Northern Ireland to hotel school returning home to the family business. Cornel Summer School was also an experience along the way.
Marc has worked on three different continents (UK, Caribbean, and Africa) and has had varied experiences within the hospitality field. Food and Beverage is his strength together with the hotel operations. Having worked in a hotel with eight bedrooms to a hotel with 250 bedrooms and everything in between. Had his own restaurant and run a cultural village to go with it all.
Marc has been running the family business for the last eight years and despite the pandemic has managed to keep the doors open.

Stefan Lourens | Finance

A well balanced centered individual with an eye for detail and an analytical mind. He has over 22 years’ experience in the various fields of finance from auditing to directorship. He has the ability to quickly ascertain where a finance departments strengths and weaknesses lie and develop strategies to work most effectively within said departments.